We offer a wide range of bespoke insulation manufactured from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene.

Advantages of Lambdatherm® Flooring

Lambdatherm® flooring boards are designed to be used in ground floors for domestic and commercial applications.

The versatility allows lambdatherm® to be compatible with cement, timber, concrete, brick masonry and mortars. It is compatible with bitumen based membranes but should not be used with membrane based on coal tar pitches. Plasticised PVC electrical cable can react with EPS when in direct contact, it is recommended that PVC cable are run in plastic conduit when possible. This does not affect the properties of the EPS.


  • Non toxic, non irritant, moisture resistant, easy to fix.
  • Excellent thermal performance, saving energy costs whist gaining extra comfort levels in the property
  • Lightweight applications – 98% air
  • Maintains its properties throughout its life
  • 100% recyclable
  • A+ Green guide rating


Standard board sizes:
2400 x 1200

25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90 and 100mm with non-standard sizes supplied to order.



Technical Data

  Compressive Strength kPa Min
10% Compressive Strength
Cross Breaking Strength kPa Min Safe working load kPa
1% Nominal Compression
Lambdatherm® 90E 100kPa 150kPa 45kPa
Lambdatherm® 70E 70kPa 115kPa 21kPa
  Thermal Conductivity
[k] value 10°C Mean
Lambdatherm® 90E 0.030W/mk
Lambdatherm® 70E 0.032W/mk
Water (tabulated values)
  Vapour diffusion resistance
factor µ1
Vapour permeability
δ mg [pa.h.m]
Lambdatherm® 90E 30 - 70 0.009 to 0.020
Lambdatherm® 70E 20 - 40 0.015 to 0.030


EPS Flooring Datasheet

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Lambdatherm® Datasheet

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S and B EPS Flooring Product Brochure PDF

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S and B EPS Product Brochure

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