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Average Savings

What can be an average saving using External wall insulation?

Houses built before 1930’s typically have solid walls and no cavity, so insulation can be applied to the external wall. External Wall Insulation using Eps involves fixing a layer of Lambdatherm to the outside wall, then covering it with a base coat followed by a final decorative finish render.

A house with solid walls can lose up to 45% of its heat through uninsulated walls. External wall insulation reduces heat loss and you can save up to £455 a year on your heating bills.

(Figures are based on the Source: Energy Saving Trust 2015. Based on insulating a gas-heated, detached house)

The Benefits of EWI are

  • It renews the appearance of external walls and can add value to the home
  • Improves weatherproofing , condensation and sound resistance
  • reduces heating bills every year
  • Improves your health from better living and more comfortable conditions